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2 problems in 1 post - beginner here
Quote: I have no idea how the yellow-black lines are called in gimp language, but basically I don't want to have so much transparent background in the image with my cat. How do I shrink that box without shrinking the resolution of the image with my cat?...

The yellow lines are just a Gimp indicator. It is the layer boundary and with only one layer it is also the image size. These only exist in Gimp, can be turned off in the View menu but I advise keeping them. Reduce the image size ? Use the crop tool.

Quote:...I wanted to put my cat between those 2 hands, so it would look like they are holding my cat in a basket up...
Finally got the 'hands' image and it is indeed indexed color mode and when open can be changed to RGB as previous post.

There is a mis-match in image size, however adding cat to hands might go like this. 3 minutes
Open hands image and change colour mode to RGB
Open-As-Layers the cat image to add the cat as a layer.
Move the cat layer under the hands layer
Scale the cat layer down to suit.
Some image size corrections. Image -> Fit Canvas to Layers
Crop the image to required size.
If those boundary layer marks worry you, use Layer -> Layer to image size.

You might be better off going the other way and adding hands to the cat and scaling the hands layer up.

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