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Artloader Gimp Sketchbook
My first post on this new place and I thought I'd start up a shiny new Gimp Sketchbook on here with some painting studies of ravens - any critique would be appreciated - thanks Smile.

With my reality-nazi cap on, I'd say that the beak on top left is a bit too big (or lacks a stop)(*), while on the top right it would have been borrowed from a big linnet. In my birds guide book, they would have use these drawings to illustrate the difference between the two species Smile

Otherwise, very good rendering of the feathers (and I reckon the black-on-black isn't easy to achieve), lively eyes, nice backdrops and very pleasant picture overall.

(*) but likely how the bird should look in GoT and other fantasy series
Heheh - cool Smile. Thanks for the feedback Ofnuts - I think I used references from different species of crows - there seems to be an endless variety of them and I'm not sure of the differences between crows, ravens and rooks. That's not to say that my proportions aren't a bit off though - thanks for the crits - appreciated Smile.
I think it's really good looking crow.

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