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Automatically converting new tiff to jpg
Hi Everyone!

I work for a museum, Sharlot Hall Museum, which has a large archive of historical photos stored in tiff format and we want to be able to convert them "on the fly" to .jpg format while at the same time adding a watermark that protects our copyright on the images.  Is it possible to create a script on our Windows Domain Server, or could be on a dedicated PC as well, that would automatically convert a any new new tiff files to a jpg and save it in another folder?  

Thanks for your assistance!

Yes, but seriously, no need for Gimp. 

ImageMagick is another FOSS software that is specifically designed to be called from scripts. You can easily convert formats, as well as overlay another image (or add a text annotation). yes, there is a learning curve, but IMHO much easier than Gimp is you want to write scripts. They also have a nice forum over there...

In addition IM has "bindings" allowing it to be called from most popular languages so it should be a lot easier to ingrate with your server software.

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