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Can't find IWarp filter
Hi everybody!
Recently I have installed Gimp 2.10 and have been learning how to use it. My problem is that in Filters>Distorts there's no IWarp filter. What went wrong? Is it a problem with installation or it occurred later? 

What should I do?

Thanks a lot!

Ljiljan Maksimoviç
IWarp has been upgraded, had a name change and a location change.
It is now in the toolbox (with Scale Tool, etc) and is called Warp Transform
Just what Blighty wrote + a couple of screenshots.

In Gimp 2.8.x there is the iwarp tool which looks like this


In Gimp 2.10 replaces by a new GEGL tool, working on the canvas, the Warp Transform tool. Looks like this


You need to experiment with the tool options setings but I think a definite improvement over the old "working on a thumbnail version"
Thank you very much. I'm new and I'm learning using an old tutorial (for Gimp 2.8)

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