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Carbon Vs Default themes - Search question
Hello Gentlemen,

Recently I have been using the Carbon version (theme) in this forum. Although I prefer the Default version, browsing the forum with this The white background with gray gradients tires my eyes a lot, especially at night.  Cool

But in the Carbon version, using the Search option is not very intuitive or practical, so I choose to temporarily return to the Default mode to use this option which is much more functional in this Theme.

If I can make a suggestion, it would be:

Make the Default mode available in a Dark Theme version.

Or if the above suggestion is not possible / or interesting, at least make the Search tool more accessible in Carbon mode.

Thank you for allowing suggestions.
The problem with the current forum software is that some things cannot be changed with the theme and have to be the same in all themes.

And I don't want to force a dark theme on everybody. I know it's the "in" thing currently, together with vinyl records and chemical photography, but I remember how hard it was on the eyes when that was all we got in the 80s (as much as a pain in the eyes than the scratches in vinyl were for the ears).
I, too find the white tiring for my eyes.
If you use firefox there is an addon called "Dark Mode" which helps a lot in this situation.

(It's not because it's an "in" thing, but because my eyes need it.)
BTW ... my desktop theme is dark, too.

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