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Darken a lapel that was lightened by healing
I am VERY ignorant on the use of GIMP.

My daughter asked me to touch up some pictures of her if i could.

I found a quick tutorial on using "Healing" to get rid of "fly away hairs".

Some of these blond hairs were across a black jacket lapel. Now the lapel that should be black has a golden glow to it, especially where there might of been a grouping of hairs to make disappear.

I would like to keep the texture, but darken the lapel, if possible, back to the original color (and there are areas of the lapel that are the original color).

Could any of you good folks give me a shove in the right direction, and i am sorry to say, the large print and pictures version if at all possible?

Thank you VERY much for your time, consideration and knowledge!
Sounds like you have been over-enthusiastic with the Heal tool Wink

You might be able to go back in with the Clone tool (not Heal) and clone in the blue cloth from another location. Another possible tool is a heal selection plugin that you can add to Gimp.

Can you post just the part of the image with the stray hairs over the lapel ? (Select the area. Edit > Copy. Edit > Paste As > New Image. Export that and attach it)
You will get a better answer with something to work on.
Did you have a lapel on the opposte side that you could have copied, flipped and pasted on the side you needed it on instead of healing? You would need to do a little healing or smudging afterwards to make the piece look like it fit in seamlessly if you didn't feather that selection before copying it.


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