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Docks are imposible to place in "standard mode"
Yes , sorry to say - but we are creatures of habit (Well I am)

I like my interface (main window) to be set up like describe and shown  in the Gimp Docs
So we are talking Single Window Mode and please pay attention on dock 4 and particularly dock 5 (see the posted url above) on the right side

But I got this when I for some time ago updated Gimp
The "Layer" dock no. 4 is now at the bottom and Dock 5 is at the top compared to the usual "standard layout"

When I try to rearrange, I loose the dock at the the bottom in the right corner and are left back with only ONE big right dock
Then I can make a "hang-loose" dock and but it on where I like it to be - but you know its not the same - see:

How can I get back the two docks on the right side (without reset all setting)?
You will probably have to reset back default Edit -> Preferences -> Window Management and Reset Saved Windows Positions to Default values.
I seems that some Windows users with HD displays, (also some Windows applications that overlay the display) have problems clicking-and-dragging.

I would take it slow, use the drop down menu that is top right of each dock and close in one dock then reopen in the other dock.

example: (1) close the brushes tab in the top dock (2) Open the brushes tab in the bottom dock. Repeat for the other tabs.

Thanks for your reply - I must say I had thought a bit about the same solution Wink

So the question was if you could do something without resetting - Otherwise as you also suggest - it's a kind of problem that the developers might have to pay attention to
Especially for new users to Gimp, it must be frustrating that you can pretty quickly smash the mess the whole interface up and then you cannot really find the logic to get it back again ;(
No developers on this forum Wink

Personally I think the devs have lost the plot. The default black theme, symbolic icons, too many tabs might be designed to confuse beginners. A simpler setup as Gimp 2.8 (or earlier) is sufficient until a user gains experience and wants to customise the interface.

Most beginners never get as far as customising and when they do it is trying to make Gimp look like PS which IMHO is a mistake. First thing to go is the tool options dock, so no idea of any settings. Then the default save-setup-on-exit comes into force, beginner has forgotten the last settings and is totally confused when Gimp does not work as expected.

I suppose it keeps the few remaining Gimp forums in business.

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