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Error: missing dependency appstream-glib >= 0.7.7
Hi folks,

I am following the instructions on , and the compilation on my Fedora GNOME desktop was successful until last week.Since then I have been getting a

Error: missing dependency appstream-glib >= 0.7.7

when I compile try to compile Gimp.

The compilation process was fine for the other libraries such as babl and gegl.

I have libappstream-glib-0.7.9-1.fc28.x86_64 and libappstream-glib-builder-devel-0.7.9-1.fc28.x86_64 installed already, so I have no idea on what to do. Any advice?

For future reference, the solution is to download libappstream-glib-devel in Fedora and libappstream-glib-dev in Debian/Ubuntu.

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