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File Open dialog thumbnail size/Image browser?
Hi all.

Does anyone know of a way for Gimp's File Open window to show larger icons?

The icons on the left are too small to be of much use. The preview on the right is a nice size, so it would be nice to have those previews (or something a little smaller) in the main file list. It could have something like Windows' options to to show icons in varying sizes. The fact that the files do all show icons suggests that Gimp already generates some sort of thumbail data, so hopefully it won't be a major thing to increase the display size.

I've looked through the settings but not seen anything about the file browser. I've also had a look at version 2.99 but I don't see any additional settings for this.

I often use IrfanView or just Windows itself to browse files, but neither of them can read .xcf files. I've also tried using XnView but that only seems capable of reading the top layer. And it would be nice to keep more things within just one program.

An alternative would be for the existing preview data being saved in such a way as to make other browsers think they're dealing with .jpg data.

If there's an existing solution for my issue, please let me know. Or if there's a better place to ask for the above as a new feature, please let me know of that instead.

Thanks for reading!
No replies ? I am a linux user and hoping that a Windows user comes along.

The desire for larger icons in the Gimp file browser list has been made before (I think several times) but as I understand it not possible in Windows with the Gimp GTK libraries.

Quote:I've also tried using XnView but that only seems capable of reading the top layer. And it would be nice to keep more things within just one program.

XnView is still your best bet, I did try the Sage Thumbnails Extension but it is 5 years since the last update and it does not show the latest Gimp xcf format. XnView will step through the xcf layers and of course call Gimp to open an image. More than one program - alas yes.

For anyone interested, The legacy XnView and the XnShell extension installers are here:

And in Win10 / Gimp 2.10.32 might go like this, 50 second animation:
Hi. It's been a few days so I may as well say thanks for your reply. Looks like I'll just stick with XnView.
That XnShell tool looks like it has some nice features but they already seem to be present in the browser.

An alternative would be a separate browser feature in Gimp, but an earlier Google search for a Gimp Browser request just found a thread on this forum where the prevailing suggestion was to use XnView.
Post a request for the Gimp developers. Something like this
This browser program can show xcf files :
PS : it is working slow (on my PC) and it is not free (can be tested for 14 days)
Thanks for your replies.
I had a go at using Fileviewerplus but that also struggles with some xcf files.

XnView also struggles, but it can get something good from the preview:

I'll see if I can find a browser or thumbnail data request on gitlab, or post my own request.

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