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Hi there

I started working/exploring with GAP using version 2.8.22 and MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
All goes fine until I looked for the video in the menu bar (willing to record my frames into an avi file).
It doesn't exist !
read somewhere that in this new version it's supposed to be in <Image>/Video/Encode/Master Encoder
Unfortunately it's not the case (at least for me).

Can anyone tell me what I'm missing.
Many thanks in advance.
The usual disclaimer, not many active OSX users on this forum, so starting the ball rolling (using linux) in the hope one comes along.

You could start off by checking the files in the GAP package, especially anything related to encoding. Depending how GAP was installed, might be buried in the gimp application main files or in whatever a Mac uses for the gimp profile. Also check in Help -> Procedure Browser for registered plugins as example.

[Image: wKBoiJp.jpg]

From your description, very much sounds like you have an old/cut-down version. Where did you get the GAP for OSX package? The linux one shown is still GAP 2.6, which originates years ago.

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