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GIMP Hangs on Startup
Hi Gang:

Long-time user in the 2.8 world, just moved into 2.10 and I've got some problems that aren't solved by the reports already here.  When I installed GIMP 2.10.12 on my laptop running Windows 10 (1903 update) it is about a 99/1 shot that it won't actually open (meaning 99 times out of every 100 it doesn't).  It is hanging on startup with no error messages, no splash screens, nothing.  I've uninstalled it multiple times (including deleting all related folders and registry settings) and reinstalled it with no success.  Then I back-reved the program to 2.10.10 thinking maybe that might work.  No dice.  I can go into Task Mangler and sometimes I see GIMP running as a background process and sometimes I do not.

I have tried everything I've found in this forum so far, and even some things that I thought might be the problem and none of them have worked.  So if anyone out there has an idea that isn't already posted in this forum, let me know.

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            Captain Jack

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GIMP Hangs on Startup - by CaptainJack - 07-16-2019, 06:59 PM
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