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Help - Bending Text
I'm able to bend text along a path, but i would like to manipulate the text and bend it in different directions. I'm not sure if i'm using the correct terminology, but below is what i would like to do. Please Help!! Smile

 [Image: final.jpg]
Lots of things possible, depending how much effort you put in.

For the deformed text: 
Top is a very old and slow script-fu Warp Text. That deforms a text layer, according to a bounding 4-point path. in the Rendering section

Bottom is Ofnuts bend python plugin see for details


..but my guess is that example image was created with a vector application such as InkScape.
In all fairness, I feel the need to speak about a native GIMP tool even if it's an useless tool, the Cage transform Big Grin


Now about the two scripts, both do a great job, and you certainly want to use them, for multiple reasons (I prefer by far to use them)
With scm you have time to get a coffee and maybe take your dog out for a ride, but it's dead simple to use.
With the python (there is a manual with it) it's very simple to use but there is a caveat ➤ you will not have time for a coffee because it's super fast like instantaneous. Big Grin
If it is for a poster then it is big canvas sizes and paths (and vector creation) maintains quality.

...but if it is pushing pixels about, there is the Gimp Warp tool and as PixLab demonstrated Cage Transform.

 Another comes from the gimp_gmic_qt plugin, an interactive warp filter. This on an A3 canvas and the text area constrained by a selection.  Takes a little practice but possible to get interesting shapes.


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