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Help with Image stacking
I've been using GIMP for a long time and have some familiarity using BIMP but I recently came across something I need to automate that it can't without scripting or a plugin.  I would like to start with an image with a white background and stack multiple PNG images on top of each other.  For what I need, it will just be the same image stacked on top of itself a variable number of times.  Basically like this:

Start with a new, square dimension image.  
Take a PNG file with a transparent background
Put the first image near the top left corner
Then place another copy a few pixels down and to the right (variable pixels and number of times).

Something tells me this can be done with a script or plugin.  I do have some programming experience and I'm learning Python now, but if a method, plugin, or script exists I would be able to use I would appreciate being steered in the right direction.  Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

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