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How are spammers dealt with on this forum?
I have a check ip script that i call on registration page that makes api calls to
and if the ip is considered spam i stop them from registration.
Sometimes, some still get through since they could be new spammers which have no been reported to yet.
Then I add spam data to to contribute to their data.

I wonder how spammers are monitored/detected on GF.

I was curious where these spammers get software that get through the capcha and looked up spammer software and ran into some posts that said a decent spammer software costs like $400, so expensive i wonder how these spammers justify their spamming with that kind of cost.
We use StopForumSpam on registration (IP and email).

On the MyBB software, mods have a nice button that shows up while a user has under 5 posts:


When depressed:
  • User name, email and IP are reported to StopForumSpam
  • All the user content is deleted
  • The user is banned or deleted (depends on setting, now we use Delete)

Current statistics indicate that SFS led us to reject 720 registrations over the last two months (so that's a bit over 10 spammers a day...) and that we manually dealt with about 30 (a spammer every two days).

User registration also involves a rather trivial "security question", but the only one to have a 100% success is the default "What does 2 + 2 equal?" (which, comes to think of it, may be recognized by spammer software, so I'm going to remove it).
Cool as long as everyone is using and reporting to SFS... then i think it'll work.

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