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How do I open multiple images in Gimp? (OSX)
@Rich - I totally understand it's an Apple issue.  High Sierra has been labeled "Cry Sierra" by some developers.  A lot of existing software is not even being tested on High Sierra and is expected to die slow horrible deaths (i.e. a score of Adobe products). Also High Sierra (and Sierra) are essentially OS architecture updates, changing things like the file system - so there is bound to be bugs galore. And like you said, Apple is unlikely to care.

I just wanted to put my experience here to highlight that the problem is indeed the High Sierra update (not an issue with plugins, versions on OS X, issues with library files or installation issues).  So I totally agree with you it is indeed an Apple issue. But good to know what the source of the bug is.

As a developer, this is of course Apple's modus operandi.  My wife's iPhone 6+ is a brick because of errors with the way the system logs data (the system files take up all available storage space).  Despite a large amount of people having this issues, it's not even acknowledged by Apple.  Developing apps for iPhone X is a nightmare, I have to restoryboard all my apps because of a freakin notch! And now Gimp isn't working - not because there is anything wrong with Gimp - but because Apple is content to release updates that make everything released the second before it obsolete.

But it could be worse - it could be an Android OS update.

the command to launch Gimp in OSX is simply from the application folder (thanks)

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