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Inkscape 1.0 Win 64-bit Portable - Where finds it?
(06-11-2020, 11:25 AM)rich2005 Wrote: Some dubious versions about Wink   No recommendations other than Inkscape site.

Portable tends to be 32 bit to make more 'universal' although I wonder how many Windows 32 bit installations / Inkscape users  are still around.

The question is how portable do you want Inkscape? The 64 bit 7z archive from   unpacks and runs from anywhere (caveat, Windows paranoia and AV permitting)  but when run first time, same as Gimp, adds a user profile to "yourname"\AppData\Roaming\

If unable to live with that, then a bit of gentle hacking.

Install the 32 portable version from Inkscape (It is the same as the version)
Replace the 32 bit Inkscape folder with the 64 bit inkscape folder from the 7z archive. Make sure you unpack that with the folder structure ( 7z x inkscape-1.0-x64.7z)
The PortableInkscape.exe launcher is still 32 bit but the application is now 64 bit, with  the required environmental variables for a portable version.

Worth a try Wink  A couple of Win10 (VM) screenshots :

Hi Rich2005,

At first, I found the instructions complicated, reread it a few times and the screenshots helped a lot.
But after chewing the instructions in English well, everything seemed very simple.  Blush

When I installed the portable-32 version I was asked for the language. I selected English. But after making the replacement and running the .exe the language used by the system (win) was adopted. Fortunately, I was able to get around and change back to English.

I have always used Gimp and Inkscape in English, I would not feel comfortable or recognize some menus if they are in my native language.

Now it's time to try this new 1.0 toy.

Thank you very much rich2005!

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