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Installing resynthezier plugin on Manjaro
I am currently trying to install the resynthesizer plug-in on GIMP 2.10.32. My OS is Manjaro Linux. To do this, I tried the method suggested by rich2005 in this thread. While I do now have the resynthesizer tool, I do not have the very useful heal selection tool, or at least not a functional one. Some help would be appreciated

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Are the python scripts set as executable? Have you got Python support in our Gimp (Filters ➤ Python-fu ➤ Console present)?
I looked at Manjaro in Distrowatch and it is based on Arch linux.
For the stable version the defaults are Gimp 2.10.32 and Python 3.10.5

A good chance that Gimp does not support python. Have a look in Gimp -> Filters and see if there is a Python-Fu entry. If none, then those python plugins will not work (resynthesizer is a compiled plugin).

Long shots:

Try the appimage Gimp-with-python launchers from here: These are based on Debian, so probably will not work with Manjaro but if they do, let us know.

If you need some work that requires, the appimages from The xxx-with-plugins versions come with resynthesizer+plugins. From memory at least part of this came from Manjaro. You do need fuse2 for these to work and they are getting old now, so it is just a possibility.
Hey there Ben
 Remembered this and found it >

You're on Arch/Manjaro Distros then this IS what you need ..




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