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Leopard Pattern
Hello.  I have a question or two please?
Gimp leopard pattern.  I need to make the spots small so when I print them they can fit on something that is 1 and a 1/2 inch in length and a 1/4 inch wide.  How can do I do that? Also what is the last full version where the patterns were already installed? Any help would be greatly appreciated ❤️

Oh the print size paper is 24x36 I don’t know if this info is needed
The pattern is 64*62px so printed at 300DPI a pattern tile is one fifth of an inch and the spots are consequently even smaller. Isn't that small enough? Wha are you trying to do?
A bit more, it seems you are making a poster and this type of question has come up for as long as Gimp has been around.

New user, working in real world units, while Gimp is working in pixels. For a 24 x 36 inch image, you, the user have to define a printing resolution. That might be 300 ppi as Ofnuts mentioned, more likely to be less, say 200 ppi or 150 ppi but not as low as a default 72 ppi or 96 ppi.

If you do not want to go into the gory details, then scale the pattern to suit.

Right click on the pattern. Open as image. Scale the pattern image up or down. Image > Scale Image Then for immediate use, Edit > Copy
That becomes the Pattern clipboard (the temporary first pattern). Use that to fill.

Those gory details. How image ppi affects pattern size. Scaling a pattern.

Quote:...Also what is the last full version where the patterns were already installed? ..

The stock Gimp patterns, such as the leopard pattern go way back, nothing has changed, what you get is what you see. If you need other patterns then you need to install yourself. A pattern does not need to be Gimp .pat format, .png and .jpeg also work.

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