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Missing settings on gradient tools
(11-09-2018, 12:26 AM)Espermaschine Wrote: Thanks for making the tutorial. 
Actually i just wanted to see the tutorial, because i couldnt find one with a search.

Never heard of IMVU before.

(btw, im german myself)

LOL ( so am I ) IMVU is similar to second life, except it was there first, Lots of great creators and developers on there, so we have forums for the different programs we use to make the Items ( clothing, furniture rooms poses etc. ) for our shops. Since we have to make all our own textures ( because of copyright laws) some of the original members have posted some great tutorials in the IMVU Groups. I am part of a Gimp group that is unfortunately no longer active. Years ago I had saved the tutorial so I could reference it easier.

This is my Shop every texture for each Item was made in Gimp with the help of amazing plug-ins such as G'mic and a few others from the Gimp plug-ins page.

The Gradient tool is the most used tool when it comes to make a flat texture look realistic and 3 dimensional, if it is for making the Diamond or to make the setting for the jewel or adding some shine to a wall or frame. Knowing how to make things realistic and high quality with the right lighting is key.

I even made a realistic Kachelofen mesh in sketchup than used Gimp to make the textures and Opacity maps for the whole thing. 

I may just rewrite the tutorial with better pictures and step by step walk through for making a realistic Diamond texture for the newest version of Gimp and share it on the Gimp home page.  Thanks for giving me that Idea.

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