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Need gegl to build gimp, and can't build gegl
I cannot blame git; I used a release tarball, for both gegl and gimp itself.

I successfully compiled gegl after passing "-Dopenexr=disabled" to meson.  Thank you
for the advice; meson is new to me, and, moreover, that particular option is, as far
as I can determine, not documented anywhere in the gegl release tarball.

When I then tried to compile gimp, I got the exact same compiler error when
attempting to compile its openexr wrapper, so I had to reconfigure gimp with
"--disable-openexr" (that one was, in fact, documented).  Then I was able to
build gimp 2.10.  The newly-compiled program then crashed and coredumped
when it attempted to load the "pagecurl" plugin, a phenomenon with which I
was familiar, and to which I brought this forum's attention a couple of weeks
ago, in a different thread.  Following the advice I received there, I removed
execute permissions from the pagecurl plugin.  Now I have a working gimp 2.10
which cannot curl its pages, but I am saved from the unhappiness which that
would otherwise bring me, by not knowing what it means to curl pages.  If I ever
learn what that means, and decide that I want to curl some pages, I can always
do so with Gimp 2.8, which remains installed on my system.  Once again I thank
my esteemed colleagues for your swift and useful answers.  -- jfs

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RE: Need gegl to build gimp, and can't build gegl - by shachter - 09-10-2020, 03:43 AM

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