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Need some help
Working on the first 'Note_Cymbal_Yellow_Sizzle.png' I've posted, I realized how the previous contributor had done this : we can see an "hard" rectangle.
I've succeed in doing a smoother one named 'Note_Cymbal_Yellow_Sizzle (closed by saih_tam).png' which I prefer.

 I spend one hour trying with "red and transparent white layers" but I suck and I can’t make a satisfactory version of 'Note_Cymbal_Miss_Sizzle (closed by saih_tam).png'

denzjos, could you please do that for me with the new png 'Note_Cymbal_Yellow_Sizzle (closed by saih_tam).png' ?

I attached 2 examples.

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I also managed to clean up 'Note_Cymbal_Yellow_Sizzle.png' and 'Note_Cymbal_Miss_Sizzle.png'.

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Work on a copy of the layer and use 'Colours / Hue Saturation...' (use the slider 'Hue' to change the green colour to orange)
Work as said in the preveous post with the color and white layer but use for both a 'Normal' layer mode and use 'Opacity' on both layers (white 6%, orange20%)  
I spent another hour trying with "normal red (20%) and normal white (6%) layers" and 'Colours / Hue Saturation...' on a copy layer but I didn't succeed. I feel like this is the wrong direction.

denzjos, what the hell did you do for your first proposition ?

It was the best I have seen this day. I beg you : could you do it again on the new png 'Note_Cymbal_Yellow_Sizzle (closed by saih_tam).png' ?

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This is the file : 
.xcf   Note_Cymbal_Yellow_Sizzle.xcf (Size: 124.89 KB / Downloads: 3)
Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, your project wasn't transparent and when I change opacity, it doesn't look like what I want :-(

I'm trying to modify the original  'Note_Cymbal_Miss_Open.png' in order to make a 'Note_Cymbal_Miss_Sizzle (closed by saih_tam).png' like I did with 'Note_Cymbal_Cymbal_Open.png' to made 'Note_Cymbal_Cymbal_Sizzle (closed by saih_tam).png'.

But it's too hard...

The first screenshot 'Screenshot miss (closed by saih_tam 1)' is promising ('Note_Cymbal_Miss_Sizzle (closed by saih_tam 1).xcf') but I follow an idea which I can’t get out of ('Screenshot miss (closed by saih_tam 2)').
I think I have to give up this idea and restart with 'Note_Cymbal_Miss_Sizzle (closed by saih_tam 1).xcf'.

Any good idea to discretely fill the gaps ?

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.xcf   Note_Cymbal_Miss_Sizzle (closed by saih_tam 1).xcf (Size: 103.83 KB / Downloads: 3)
Select de transparent areas with the 'Fuzzy Select Tool (tick 'Select transparent areas')
Get the colour just above the cimbals with the 'Colour Picker Tool'
Fill the two selections with the 'Bucket Fill Tool' (set the 'Opacity' 50,0)
Then : Select / None
Correct the pixels with the light colour with the 'Healing Tool' 

.xcf   Note_Cymbal_Miss_Sizzle (closed by saih_tam 1) corr.xcf (Size: 101.07 KB / Downloads: 1)
I am very grateful to denzjos. Thanks to him, I finally managed to do what I wanted and learned to use Gimp better : 'Healing Tool' rules for a newbie like me.

Best regards.

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