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Openshot video editor for Gimp animations.
Not a tutorial. Some notes on using Openshot video editor for transitions. Openshot has lots of various effects but it is not really made for producing small frame sizes suitable for Gimp. It is possible.

You need to make your own 'output profile'. There is guidance in the Openshot documentation. As an example for a 200x200 animation. Set your own width / height to suit your project. It is a simple text file and goes in the Openshot profile ~/.openshot_qt/profiles folder.


Video demo:  duration 7 minutes.

Bonus Wink Tacked a bit on the end for a MathMap animated transition.
Thanks. I will go through it in detail. :thumbsup

So useful Smile
I tried the app image. It is nice software. Sadly, most of the transitions are too dated and crude. I am so much influenced by the text animations in Canva. I am not sure there is any software that allows it locally. It is simple Fly in effect. OpenShot has one very nice transition which is -wipe diagonally.

Libre Office Impress can do all these text animations neatly. Sadly, the slideshow cannot be exported to into GIF or video format.
Dated and crude ? Very standard transitions that you get in all video editors.

Animations are typically small (due to file size) and not wonderful quality (gif & indexed colour) I do not know your eventual web destination but maybe webp is supported. Video would be better, however no looping with a video.

"A simple fly-in effect"  I wonder if you mean a Ken Burns effect - see:

Always surprised there is no Gimp script for this. I made with a slide show program photofilmstrip Two back-to-back of the same image, one to zoom in / one to zoom out. Export to separate images then into Gimp for editing.

[Image: Pfs6KlR.gif]

Quote:Libre Office Impress can do all these text animations neatly. Sadly, the slideshow cannot be exported to into GIF or video format.

Cheat. Fire up your animated presentation. Video screen record it. Edit the video and export to the frames..

Years ago I worked for a Middle East oil company. One time one of the VP's came up with the great idea that you should create a (powerpoint) presentation every month, as a source of expertise Wink This did not go down very well with the ex-pats. The plan did not last very long.

However, using impress and a video screencapture, a bit of editing came up with this.

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Perhaps I am too much used to the Canva interface lately. I have the OpenShot app image and kdenlive.

Video recording of Impress is very productive. That is one thing that works for me at the moment. But not easy to generate a good quality GIF out of it. Perhaps try video to GIF tools.

This is mostly some social media shares. So webp is not very important. Thanks.

Photoscape is a good tool, but for Windows.
Quote:Photoscape is a good tool, but for Windows.

Photoscape ? This one

I have not tried it but it might run under WINE in linux
Yes, it is available as a snap. I would like such a simple plugin for GIMP someday.

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