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Pixel Art Palette Swap Plugin Release
Just thought I'd post this here - I'm not sure where to put plugins with the repository gone but this is somewhere.

Just made a Python script plug-in that does palette swaps for pixel art that's RGB* and not indexed. Available on GitHub here.
It recolours the current layer, in one of two modes:
  1. If given another layer, it identifies the unique colours in both it and the current layer, sorts each of them in order of RGB value, then maps them across.
  2. If given 2 1-pixel-high layers, it builds a map out of them, and recolours everything in the current layer the colour of pixel 1 of the 'subset' layer the colour of pixel 1 of the 'sample' layer. Then continues through.
It could be more efficient on large images, and I've got a thread open on that.

Since I couldn't find anything like this when I searched here, hopefully other people will find this in the future.

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