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oP sys w10 64

When I run, I get this:

GIMP-CCE Message

WARNING: Plug-In ""
called deprecated procedure 'gimp-selection-combine'.
It should call 'gimp-image-select-item' instead!

This, I think, is the offending line: pdb.gimp_selection_combine(orgSelection, CHANNEL_OP_SUBTRACT)
It works, however, the above message box appears and the selection 'ants' remain (no big deal) in the image.

I've tried editing the script with the indicated fix but it fails when run. I am a complete novice with python. So if someone here can fix and update it you could be a hero. 
Any ideas?
The attached is the one I fixed for my Gimp 2.9.5  
Guessing you are using Partha's Gimp 2.9.5 So just tried it in a Win VM. Seems to work ok

Remember to unzip it

note: I did try to change the Win shortcut to run in compatibility mode (--pdb-compat-mode=on) but Windows was having none of that. I wonder why? If you can that to work, you will not be troubled by those 'deprecated procedure' messages.

edit: Got it, the switch has to be outside of the quotes. Whoever in M$ decided spaces in file/folder names was a good idea should have been shot Smile


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Many thanks, truly appreciate you! It works fine.
Plenty of scripts will give "deprecated" messages with Gimp 2.9, because it's a "development" release. This doesn't make them buggy. If you make a private copy, it will "hide" the official copy and you may miss other more important fixes. I think you can squelch these messages with the proper parameter in your Gimp shortcut:

     --pdb-compat-mode {off|on|warn}
              If the PDB should provide aliases for deprecated functions.

In 2.9.5 you are likely to have "warn" by default, and you would just have to change this to "on".

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