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The boiler room
After a MS windows 10 update, my MS Office XP no longer works (on startup, the acces the screen appears and then disappears) Angry . I often make backups, after installing my last backup, I could start Office XP again and could export the data. I used the access database since 1996 and I want to import the data in LibreOffice Base. As I started with gimp a few years ago and first did'n like it (now, after learning it, I do like it). Using LibreOffice, I found it very basic and did'n like it : it's like I was in the boiler room. After reading several sollutions and tested them out, I could import my data in Libreoffice Base (after export access--->  dbase4). A few lines were not imported, but I inserted them by hand. Now I had to learn how to use tabels / query's / forms and rapports. Hard to do when be microsoft brainwashed, but I persevered. After a few solutions that ended in the dust bin, I felt my brain learned to think the Libreoffice way. Now, my database is working fine and MS Office landed in the dust bin (because it died again today) . OO software isn't bad at all (and it's free). That's why I post this in the watercooler, again on normal temparture. Big Grin
I do my DBs with Python and SQLite (doesn't require installing a DB manager, a SQLite DB is just a plain file).

There are also SQLite browsers/editors if you want to so everything by hand and many generic DB browser editors also support SQLite (in addition to MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle...). This can be useful elsewhere (Digikam, for instance, keeps its DB is a SQLite file.)
@denzjos, you're a GIMP super user (and surely Inkscape as well), now it's LibreOffice... is the next step > Linux? Big Grin Big Grin

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