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The current state of donations and their impact
Any chance we could get an idea of how much has been donated to the GIMP project this year, taking into account all donations (one time and periodic) and to both the foundation and the developer's patreons?

Also, the donation page says this :

Quote:While we don’t raise funds to sponsor development of GIMP as an organization at this time

and below it says if you donate to the project, part of your donation goes to the organization of the annual Libre Graphics Meeting but it doesn't say roughly what portion of it or where the rest goes.
Plus, this year the pandemic has led the LGM to be hosted online, which I assume is much less costly, and we don't know how it's going to be next year. So what does this mean for the donations?
Can we get some more detail on these aspects?
No gimp developers visit this forum to answer such questions.

Best bet is twitter
Thanks. Mastodon it is, then.

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