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The little forum that could
that's not true though because gets rating of
but yeah did boom recently within a year or so since they've reached 10K subcribers
It seemed like forever for them to reach 10K subs...and now boom 100K subs
It's sort of like rich people make money easier than the poor ones LOL started since 2009
and 2 years ago it reached 10K subs
so about 10 years to reach 10K
another 2 years and it's 101K
exponential growth.

It'd be nice mods of added and to their side bar like they have for

PS: don't be depressed, I have ran into blogs that brag about their tactics (such as visiting their own sites from different IPs) just to get their Alexa ranking into the first million. First million which is way behind and the brag about how they got it from 7 million down to 1 million LOL.

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