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VPN... I need one but on a router
Yeah I now need a VPN
Long story short, for 2/3 months now I'm with Starlink (yes SpaceX) for internet.

I'm searching a VPN which does setting on a router using L2TP... yes it's old, I don't care > but I don't want to buy a new router (the one connected to the starlink router is a Huawei Optus B818-263 (which does VPN but only PPTP and L2TP) and I want all people coming home be on VPN on THAT router as I cannot control and do not want to control what they are doing... especially the friends of my kids and they come home in big group...
Thus for sure I did received 5 alerts from Starlink about downloading movies via torrent (which were solved automatically, maybe because I live in a third world country) but I don't want to receive this kind of things anymore, and let's face it > my internet connection is like night and day compared to the last 15 years with those 2 local ISP (Globe and PLDT), thus I don't want to be cut off.

NordVPN does not do L2TP from many years, ExpressVPN just stop this few months ago...

Any suggestion?

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