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What type of music do you listen to (genre, artists, songs)?
About in that order:
  • Folk music (traditional or not) from the British Isles and North America (and some from the rest of Europe)
  • Rock (Rockabilly to Metal)
  • Blues
  • Classical (up to the 50s)
  • Country (when it doesn't fall into the self-caricature it has become) and the fuzzy genre called "Americana".
  • Jazz (up to the 60s)

Since I am a fairly eclectic person it could be faster to define what I don't like:
  • Music I can't whistle (Rap, free jazz, modern classical)
  • Singers (i.e. music where the singer is more important than the music, the lyrics, and the accompanying band). There are exceptions, but not in he R&B genre.

Favorite artists: a whole graveyard of them... Lemme see who is not dead yet: Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler

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