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Zoobka: Create artworks with beautiful material effects

You know Zoobka? Smile The technique to make easily beautiful abstracts with various cool effects of lighting and matter.

The tutorial and samples of what you can do with it are there:

Some more examples (16:9 wallpapers):

Light Cruiser

Jungle Heart - Pink

Black Orchid

Golden Dream

Copper Star

And a beautiful "Alien", by denzjos:

Post here your own creations, we will love to see them!... Smile
About my last work:

Light Cruiser

This is a zoobka step 10.
Here is the step 8:


... And the exported file of the Kaleidoscope settings I have applied on it (I skipped step 9):

.txt   Light_Cruiser.txt (Size: 317 bytes / Downloads: 104)

On the kaleidoscope panel, in the top right corner there is a little arrow. Clicking on it displays a menu where you can import this settings file. So you can "tweak" my "Light Cruiser"...

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