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advice for improvement pls
I tried working on this image i posted earlier, because there is something i dont like about it, but i cant quite put my finger on it.

Is it because the perspective of the sunray does not go with the perspective of the text ?
I think my main complaint is the white outline, that i added for contrast, but it looks odd to me....

Tried using a trick learned from Phlearn (YT channel) and look at the image in b/w.
It looks good to me, with the exception that the white outline perhaps steals the show from the extruded text...

Maybe its really because the perspective of the text is odd. We are looking at the text from the top, but at the same time its extrusion is going up.

I find it really hard sometimes, making something look professional.... Sad

[Image: attachment.php?aid=107]

I would try without the white outline first, because it breaks the perspective. The perspective difference between the rays and the text is manageable: our brain just says "no way" and turns the rays into a flat background (and lyabe you could make the text "float" more by adding its blurred shadow tot the background).
I'd say the background is a tunnel, so i dont know how or where to put a shadow there....
How about this: better ??


another version. Used a colorscheme designer this time. Colors may still be a bit odd...



The rays look better than the circle-checkerboard.
Too bad, the checkerboard is a fun gradient effect.
But i know what you mean.

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