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arakne path shape creator 8
Blighty mentioned in that arakne-path-shape-creator8 was not working with current Windows Gimp.

There is / was a fix or this. Pulled out of my archive and using Win 10 (VM) / latest Gimp 2.10.14

Unzip, and put the whole folder in your Gimp user profile plug-ins C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\plug-ins


Find it in Filters -> Path -> Path Shape Creator...

Best used inside a selection.


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.zip (Size: 70.77 KB / Downloads: 299)
Thanks Rich. Works great.
Find it under Filters > Path > path shape creator
I don't know how I get here, but...
Wow that's a beautifully developed plugins, with full live preview, tabs, scrolling options on the side, and so.
It also means that's possible to do a nice user friendly plugin without letting the user guessing what the setting will do before clicking "OK", truly a well made user friendly plugin, thanks a lot Rich for the download link.

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