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curving a selection in a layer

Let's say I drow a horizontal line in a layer.

What tool can I use to curve it (then the line becomes a smile) ?

Thanks  Smile
(06-21-2022, 10:48 AM)aka Wrote: Hi,

Let's say I drow a horizontal line in a layer.

What tool can I use to curve it (then the line becomes a smile) ?

Thanks  Smile

The first which come to my mind is Filters ➤ Distorts ➤ Curve Bend... for a smooth curve.
Each time you click on that grid on the right side it will add a control point (up to around 15-16) that you just need to drag down with your mouse. You can move the 2 original control points on each side as well.
Do the same with the Lower (below Upper) to keep the same line's thickness (I forgot to point it out on the screenshot)
More about the Curve Bend filter

(06-21-2022, 10:48 AM)aka Wrote: Let's say I drow a horizontal line in a layer.

What tool can I use to curve it (then the line becomes a smile) ?

Some questions

Did you draw the line on a transparent layer ? See previous post

Did you draw the line on a layer containing a graphic (the line is combined with graphic)

Where does the selection (from the subject title) come into this ? 

Have you considered using a path for the line ? - Easy to bend a path - then stroke the path
Hi everyone,

I am trying to bend something like the attached sample ; I need to put it in a future gimp image.

This is a transparent layer and I wish to keep the text hight with almost no changes.

Is it please enought information ?

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Sorry, but this has become a question for linux users these days.
Which version of Gimp 2.10.x ? Which installation package ? From repo / flatpak / snap / ubuntu PPA

Important because some come without python support. Is the there a Python-Fu entry in the Filters menu.

If you have python the easiest way is one of Ofnuts plugins from about 3rd one down at the moment. Unzip, read the help files, put the plugin in you plug-ins folder.

That bends the text along a curved path and makes a new text shape as a path. Use that to colour in as your example.

There are other ways, I have an old Gimp script-fu that does similar. You can also use Inkscape to make the text and import into Gimp.
I run debian 11.3 and, if I remember well, I can't use python because I have only python3. I have GIMP 2.10.22, from debian apt install.

No python-fu entry here  Sad

So I probably need something else than a python script...
This is Saul Goode's Warp Text script from here: Sometimes the site is down so I will attach it anyway as a zip. Unzip put in your scripts folder.

It is very-very slow and some fonts do fail.  The script registers in Filters -> Distorts -> Warp Text

Set up a canvas with the text layer and I advise some guides to keep uniformity.
Make a 4 point path envelope for the shape in the order top-left / top-right / bottom-right / bottom-left, and start the script.
It can be slow, looks like this: Go and have a cup of coffee.
Eventually, you get a new path, the deformed text:
Path to selection and colour in as required:

Debian is a pain. Have you considered a flatpak Gimp ? That comes with python.

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.zip (Size: 5.01 KB / Downloads: 4)
If no Python-fu, G'MIC can do it as well Filters ➤ G'MIC ➤ Deformations ➤ Warp [Interactive] (I would recommend to put the layer to image size before calling G'MIC)
You can really fine tune your deformations/bend when you move the control points. (Click "OK" once on G'MIC/Warp to start the interactive window)
Once you've finish with the interactive window, just close it ➤ G'MIC will automatically process it, then when it's done, G'MIC will auto close itself.
Example with two rows of controls points.


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