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do you think Adobe is nervous about open source graphics ?
Eventually all commercial applications become fairly common technology and can be reproduced by skilled programmers. I wonder what there is in AI that puts it above InkScape (besides perhaps a more polished UI). There is only so much you can do with Bézier splines. PS/LightRoom may still have an edge because they use fairly advanced algorithms (even if Gimp and the "raw crowd" have their own that sometimes are better, and sometimes precede the Adobe implementations (in-painting, etc...). But the current Adobe pricing strategy is really making people look for alternatives. With an up-to-date PSD support Gimp 2.10 would be a killer.

We were discussing this at lunch, and Office will be the only one to survive because it contains Excel and Excel literally rules the world: despite all the ERP applications, in fine all the company management (even in the Fortune 500) is held in gigantic spreadsheet with VBA macros. Ironically, a colleague of mine was working as a consultant in a project to fight "shadow IT" in a bank, and the project itself was managed with an Excel sheet Smile

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RE: do you think Adobe is nervous about open source graphics ? - by Ofnuts - 05-03-2018, 06:17 PM

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