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enlarge image
can't find the magic to enlarge an image copied to a layer, see attached
I started with a jpg, imported to gimp and removed the white background
copied that image to a layer and that copy operation created a new layer
named 'dropped buffer'. 

I thought I enlarged the copied image with the scale tool and moved it.

But the enlarged moved image is not an image really, its a selection outline, 
marching ants, and only that and it is actually in the layer that image was copied
to, not the created, dropped buffer, layer??

huh? this should be pretty simple....right? 

I think I don't care what layer the enlarged moved version ends up in, as long
as its the "real" image and not some ghost outline.

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I am assuming you just did just paste instead of paste as new layer. Also most times when you get a floating selection you will get a green icon to make a new layer (at the bottom of your layer dialogue). I wouldn't try to enlarge it until you did.
I always had this trouble at first too. There is also  in the move tool options to move your layer, selection or path. Make sure you don't have it on selection when you move it if you want to move the layer.

Perhaps an attempt without the alpha channel being locked could give the expected result.

In the image of post #1 you can see that the alpha channel is blocked in the layertest layer
Samj PortableGimp 2.10.28 - Win-10 /64.
thanks for the replies, I think some of my issues was trying to work with an element while not having its layer selected, I just didn't notice where I was, duh.. now that I'm more comfortable with lots of layers and manipulating them as individual enties within the whole composition, everything gets easier. 
my current understanding of alpha channel is that you have to turn it on if wanting to make background transparent, which seems to be way to go when having various elements on  a layer. not sure why its important to lock it on the layers tab, unless it tends to flip to being off due to some other manipulation. now on to paths to curve text
Quote:... not sure why its important to lock it on the layers tab...

I do not see why either. The purpose of the alpha lock is to prevent painting in the transparent area. With it on, you can not paste in.
Useful when you want to change a colour since it retains partial transparency.

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