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how to cut head without cutting background ?
(11-08-2018, 10:37 PM)commandera Wrote: Hello
i want cut head i know how but also background 

i want just head and keep background same image

A simple question but leaves a lot unknown Wink

1. Make a selection. Copy the selection. Paste the selection as a new layer Edit -> Paste as -> New layer

[Image: mfIB8Ff.jpg]

2. The same procedure but Cut the selection. That leaves a hole in the background, Either with or without transparency. 

[Image: 9ydeAvp.jpg]

Are you expecting the background to fill up the hole automatically?

3. Not going to happen, you will have to fix the hole yourself and depending on the image can be easy or very difficult.

[Image: sLKYNel.jpg]

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