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libopenraw on Fedora 26
Actually, GIMP will open RAW files in various formats *IF* the build incorporates libopenraw. It is mentioned peripherally in the "Artist's Guide to GIMP" blog page "Building GIMP source" ( 

In addition, Fedora includes a ufraw-gimp package that allows GIMP to use ufraw as a front end to open RAW files. The problem with ufraw-gimp for me is that opening a RAW file first uses the ufraw interface before the image is opened in GIMP. If I want to automate a GIMP workflow with PythonFu, there is no procedure to open with ufraw. There is one for opening RAW files witih libopenraw, "file-raw-load". I assume ufraw-gimp is available in all Linux distributions.

I have just gone through the exercise of rebuilding the GIMP, GEGL, and BABL packages. GEGL requires libopenraw-devel,  But the GIMP build for Fedora 26 doesn't seem to incorporate it. I'm trying to figure why, or more correctly, how to achieve the incorporation.

I suppose my next step will be to ignore the Fedora packages and build GIMP from the git source tree. That will have to be another night. 

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