Full Version: Unable to Re-Install GIMP
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I'm running windows 10 x64, the error message I get reads as follow:

"GIMP 2.8.22 cannot be installed over your currently installed GIMP version, and
the automatic uninstall of old version has failed.

Please remove the previous version of GIMP yourself before installing this version
in C:\Program Files\GIMP 2, or choose a Custom install, and select a
different installation folder.

The Setup will now exit.

Setup cannot continue. Please click Cancel to exit."

I've fully uninstalled my previous version of gimp manually, there are no traces of it anywhere that I can find.
I've tried many different installation folders with custom install and I always get the same message.

Any ideas?

What was that previous version? A Gimp 2.8 or a Gimp 2.9?  Have you tried to rename/delete your Gimp profile?
The previous version was 2.6.10 I believe.
I do not see a gimp profile in the listed locations, though I don't remember directly deleting it.
Tried to reproduce that error in a Win10 64 VM without success but as a starter

1. Did you uninstall Gimp with the Win 10 uninstall in APPS & FEATURES? Gimp is a very clean installation with very few registry entries, mainly for that uninstaller. screenshot:

2. The uninstaller will only remove the original package, any extras will be left behind. Gimp 2.6 is 32 bit and installs in C:\Program Files (x86)\GIMP-2.0 You might be left with 'extras' like this, even after running uninstall. screenshot:
Usually safe to delete all GIMP-2.0

3. There will be a Gimp 2.6 profile C:\Users\your-name\.gimp-2.6
It looks like you do not get this far but the Gimp 2.8 installer
(a) tries to remove that C:\Program Files (x86)\GIMP-2.0 and
(b) on first run migrates any settings / scripts / plugins to a new profile for 2.8
A good idea to rename the old 2.6 profile to prevent that and get a clean install. screenshot:

Do you have any of the above remaining?
I believe I dd uninstall with windows uninstall programs, that's almost always how I do it.

There are no gimp folders in either program files folders.

I missed it the first time, but there was a .gimp profile, I was looking in the G section, but it starts with a . so I missed it.
After deleting this profile I still get the same error however, no matter which folder I try to install to.

Thanks for helping me out, I really want gimp back.
Another look at the problem last night. Still no success. It might be any number of reasons, administrative privileges, some registry entry, language settings, perhaps your virus scanner.

First thing. Are you using the Gimp Windows installer from ? If it came from somewhere else, not a good idea, try the official one again.

Assuming the installer is OK and not corrupt in some way, have you tried using the customise option and proceeding step-by-step?

Gimp is a very self contained application, earlier versions were little more than a self-extracting archive. The Gimp 2.8 32/64 bit installer is a bit more complicated.

As an alternative, the Gimp 2.8.22 64bit files packed in a self-extracting WinRar file GIMP 2.exe. This still might not work on your installation. All sorts can go wrong, blocking by AV is one.

It is a big file 115 MB, so before trying, look at this short 2.5 minute video on use.

Then if you feel confident to continue, get the file from my storage
It looks like the self extracting file bypassed the issue, I have GIMP again!

Thanks so much for your help!