Full Version: 2.9.5-std With Wacom Intuous tablet
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Using windows 10
2.9.5 only Gimp I can use
Issues with Wacom tablet (Intuous3, 6x8) =
  • Only pen will place cursor in desired position
  • Only pen will draw, paint and edit in desired area
  • Mouse will not place cursor where desired
  • I've upgraded and installed multiple versions of Wacom drivers
Suggestions, comments, ideas?

I've tried several times to install gimp 2.9.8
Says it installed but it does not exist on my computer. 
No real help with the Wacom issue. You can try disabling (rename it) the file devicerc which is in the Gimp 2.9 profile. C:\Users\Appdata\Roaming\GIMP\2.9 (I think that is the Windows path)
Dive into the Input Device settings and let Gimp make a new one.

When it comes to versions, the Gimp 2.9.5 was from Is that correct?
Which 2.9.8/9 version are you upgrading, there are Windows versions from partha, also samj.

The partha and the have different naming conventions.
Will stick with 2.9.5-std for now... it is working
Between that and Corel Painter 2018, I get it done