Full Version: Obama Hope Poster Style but Double Exposed Original
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[Image: obama-poster-double-exp-contrasty-png?id=9411]
Double exposed original on top at 50% opacity on top of Obama Poster Style base, then high contrast it.
I enjoyed the result thought i'd share.

Here was the base that i did after have a good chat with EsperMaschine, quite happy with this as I traced out thresholds.
[Image: me-selfie-png?id=9408]
Yeah, it came out absolutely great !

Would love to see it done with a different colour palette.

P.S: you guys can call me Esper if you want to...thats shorter Wink
How's this Esper.... as you can see i am terrible with color schemes

.xcf can be found here
just in case anyone wants to play around with color scheme
there are website for colourschemes (google it)

keep in mind the Obey style comes from old propaganda posters and the limited palette of vintage printing, so you can get your colours from old images
these colours look mostly rather desaturated because of CMYK

this blog for example, has a lot of images of old matchboxes with a very limited colour range

maybe also rotate the stripes by 45° ?

you could also add decorative elements (stroking a path with a brush if you dont want to use Inkscape), like so

[Image: 30427051452_d5c4be5f75_z.jpg]
this try with 45 degrees and some color scheme from that blog with King's color scheme has a nice retro feel to it.
looks a lot like this (although i think the yellow is too saturated in your version)

[Image: i_matches3.jpg]

im not sure about colourvalues....
should the values match highlight and shadows ?

can you make the shadows yellow and the highlights blue, for example ?

maybe its also better to have an image where the light is not coming from the front but from the side, to have better shadows ?