Full Version: Splash Screen Gimp transparent
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Cool one. I see you have a strong projection in the future, because Gimp 5.0 isn't expected before Year 2038, but people will likely overlook this important releaseSmile
Only if it still uses 32 bit integer. Turning to 64 bit will help a lot.

There are solutions.

At 15:30:08 UTC on Sunday, 4 December 292,277,026,596 64-bit versions of the Unix time stamp would cease to work, as it will overflow the largest value that can be held in a signed 64-bit number. This is nearly 22 times the estimated age of the universe, which is 1.37×1010 years (13.7 billion), and according to scientists, by this time it is possible all Earth-based systems running on 64-bit UNIX time may be long gone due to the possibility of the Earth being incinerated by the red giant Sun in 7.6 billion years' time.