Full Version: Opening an image and viewing preview
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when i first open gimp and then go to "open" and open a file with photos in it and then click on any particular photo i do not get a preview of that photo.  the message is "cannot create preview".  this function worked on my old gimp, but since i down loaded 2.10 this function is not available.  i have windows 10.  i think this problem may have something to do with windows and i have tried to solve the problem through "settings" and "folder" options, but without any luck.  if anyone has a suggestion i would appreciate it.  thanks.
Could be yet another aspect of the last-but-one Windows Gimp installation

For once a reinstall is worth trying
(05-16-2018, 06:57 AM)rich2005 Wrote: [ -> ]Could be yet another aspect of the last-but-one Windows Gimp installation

For once a reinstall is worth trying

thanks very much for your reply.  i did reinstall as you suggested, but with no change.  when i click on a photo after opening a file i still cannot get a preview of the photo.  i have looked in "preferences", but find nothing to help.  i have looked in windows 10 "settings" and checked on "photos" and tried different apps for photos without success.  i am at a loss.   gimp 2.8 (i think that was the last i had) did allow me to view photos in "preview" mode before opening the photo in gimp, but gimp 2.10 doesn't seem to want to do that.  please review again.  look forward to your response.
Quote:... please review again. look forward to your response...

Reviewed it. No useful response, No problem here.

[Image: yo5wKmo.jpg]

Maybe someone else has a solution.
I can get previews using my GIMP-2.10-RC1 installation on Windows 7 where I'm an administrator.
As I was wondering if it was a permissions problem, I've tried looking for where the previews/thumbnails are being saved BUT I can't find them.

Best Guess, the thumbnail from that previous screenshot

[Image: av1c6GI.jpg]
i looked at my c drive and found the "iNetCache" folder, but nothing was in it.  i then decided to disable my avg virus protection and try another install.  it worked.  i now have the ability to view thumbnails of my pics before opening them up in gimp.  thanks to all for the effort and help.

i still had a little trouble viewing some previews so i had to go into avg (virus protection) and except or exempt gimp from its protocols.   the answer is that virus protection could be a problem with some installs and actions of gimp.  thanks again.