Full Version: ofn-gradient-along-path
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First script to use new APIs in Gimp 2.10 (at last, the APi to stroke paths in "line" mode...). More or less a rewritten neon-path.


At the usual place. Enjoy.
Updated to add a Reverse gradient option.
Nice one.

Circles in particular come out good.

Had to be the very first thing I tried, which gave this rounded effect to the right side triangle vertex.
Not been able to get that again with single triangles.

Looked like this:

the path attached if you want to try it.
(05-17-2018, 09:19 AM)rich2005 Wrote: [ -> ]the path attached if you want to try it.

I opened triangle.svg in Inkscape. That right hand note is not a sharp corner node. It is a smooth node which means that the lines have a curve to them. Small and not really visible, but there.
Yeah, must have 'pulled' it on that vertex.

Should have been in polygonal mode, more haste, less speedWink
Pretty cool to create bevel effects....

* Text-to-path
* Select, from path and invert selection (ie select outside of text)
* On a white layer, G-A-P (FG-to-BG, using the default Black/White)
* Lighting effect, using above layer as bump map