Full Version: DDS plugin for BC7 format
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Is there a way to use the "Intel Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop" in Gimp?

I have tried the "Gimp_Ps_plugin_support" , but no results.
The old pspi plugin for Gimp would run some (but not all) something.8bf type PS plugin.

lTextureWorks.8bi - No way that one will work in Gimp.

Gimp does have a dds plugin but how good it is, I do not know.

A run-down was posted not too long ago see:
This plugin is very old, BC5 format is the more recent it can handle.
Today games use BC7 for dds textures, so people who want to make a mod have to purchase photoshop and install the intel plugin. There is already code in gibthub, the same that the intel plugin is using (ISPC Texture Compressor) but i have no idea how to compile it to make a converter. Someone could make a pluging with this for gimp. Would be greatly appeciated by modders.