Full Version: unexpected Gimp feature
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This was reported as a bug in Gimp 2.10.2 - might be a bug (report seems to have vanished) or it might be one of the coders having fun.

Concerns the tiny area between the zoom button and the status area

[Image: 6IpEAAy.jpg]

Depending where you click, and it seems to be very specific screen pixels

you can flip the image left to right

[Image: 06SsvcM.jpg]

or top to bottom

[Image: mKI6ZDy.jpg]

or bring up a rotate canvas dialogue that acts like the shift - middle-mouse-button action

[Image: 3w8oVqk.jpg]
That's curious.

With my personalised grey theme I can see three buttons there
The left hand puts up the canvas rotation dialog
The middle does a horizontal flip
The right does a vertical flip
IMHO, these are missing icons for the long-awaited canvas rotation feature...