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Hello, I'm a newbie with GIMP and I'm trying to set it up so that it looks more like Photoshop.

I downloaded the 2.8 photoshop tweak by Doctormo on DeviantArt and was able to make some changes so that it loads correctly on 2.10

But with the new icon theme folder on 2.10, there's obviously an incompatibility issue. The photoshop theme is loading, but not the icons.

I moved the icons to C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\icons but they are not loading, I'm assuming because they are PNG files and not SVG.

Knowing I have the PNG icons is there a way for me to implement them in the theme?

If you've really just dropped the PNGs into C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\icons then it's never going to work.

The files need to be a a folder that you then select in Edit >> Preferences >> Icon Theme

You may find it helpful to download the "Legacy - Full" icon theme from this thread:

Then you will be able to see the directory structure needed, where all the different sized PNG files go and what their names need to be.
Is there any better explanation of how to change/edit the icons? I have wanted to do this for years, but have no idea.
How much explanation do you want? I could probably write something that would get you started.
I would like to replace any of the normal icons with any I may have.

I looked at your file, downloaded it, and I directed Gimp to where it is in the folders:
I restarted Gimp, but it never shows up as an  icon theme:

I imagine if I could get it to show up, then I could edit the individual icons in the folders.
I assume that you haven't put the downloaded theme folder into your home-icons directory because you're using an AppImage ?

I suggest you create a Gimp icons directory in your Documents directory and put the Legacy - Full directory in that.

So you'd set the icon theme folder to
/home/sam/Documents/Gimp icons

You may also need to copy the hicolor directory from /tmp/.mount_tzCCod/usr/share/Gimp/2.0/icons into your Gimp icons directory.

Then yes, you can just edit the individual .pngs

You could also copy one of the standard GIMP icon themes (Color, Symbolic, Symbolic-Inverted) and edit the .svgs to get scalable icons.
Even an appimage uses a Gimp profile, which has an icon folder.

The appimage from uses ~/.config/GIMP-AppImage/2.10/

You do need that hicolor folder. Looks like this:

[Image: gPurzT4.jpg]

The only alteration is due to an aversion of spaces in filenames Wink
Ok I think I have this working . . . I think the tool icons are only in the 22x22 tools folder

Does anyone know how to change the canvas default background and the little image above the toolbox?
Seems hardocded:

in app/widgets/gimpcairo-wilber.c:

/* This string is a path description as found in SVG files.  You can
* use Inkscape to create the SVG file, then copy the path from it.
* It works best if you combine all paths into one. Inkscape has a
* function to do that.
static const gchar wilber_path[] =
 "M 509.72445,438.68864 C 501.47706,469.77945 464.95038,491.54566 431.85915,497.74874 C 438.5216,503.01688 442.87782,511.227 442.87782,520.37375 C 442.87783,536.24746 429.95607,549.0223 414.08235,549.0223 C 398.20863,549.0223 385.28688,536.24746 385.28688,520.37375 C 385.28688,511.52403 389.27666,503.61286 395.57098,498.3364 C 359.36952,495.90384 343.70976,463.95812 343.70975,463.95814 L 342.68134,509.64891 C 342.68134,514.35021 342.08391,519.96098 340.18378,528.3072 C 339.84664,527.80364 339.51399,527.33515 339.15537,526.83804 C 330.25511,514.5011 317.25269,507.81431 306.39317,508.76741 C 302.77334,509.08511 299.47017,510.33348 296.54982,512.4403 C 284.86847,520.86757 284.97665,540.94721 296.84366,557.3965 C 306.96274,571.42287 322.32232,578.25612 333.8664,574.73254 C 391.94635,615.17624 532.16931,642.41915 509.72445,438.68864 z M 363.24953,501.1278 C 373.83202,501.12778 382.49549,509.79127 382.49549,520.37375 C 382.49549,530.95624 373.83201,539.47279 363.24953,539.47279 C 352.66706,539.47279 344.1505,530.95624 344.1505,520.37375 C 344.15049,509.79129 352.66706,501.1278 363.24953,501.1278 z M 305.80551,516.1132 C 311.68466,516.11318 316.38344,521.83985 316.38344,528.89486 C 316.38345,535.94982 311.68467,541.67652 305.80551,541.67652 C 299.92636,541.67652 295.08067,535.94987 295.08067,528.89486 C 295.08065,521.83985 299.92636,516.1132 305.80551,516.1132 z M 440.821,552.54828 C 440.821,552.54828 448.7504,554.02388 453.8965,559.45332 C 457.41881,563.16951 457.75208,569.15506 456.98172,577.37703 C 456.21143,573.8833 454.89571,571.76659 453.8965,569.29666 C 443.01388,582.47662 413.42981,583.08929 376.0312,569.88433 C 416.63248,578.00493 437.38806,570.56014 449.48903,561.2163 C 446.29383,557.08917 440.821,552.54828 440.821,552.54828 z M 434.64723,524.59684 C 434.64723,532.23974 428.44429,538.44268 420.80139,538.44268 C 413.15849,538.44268 406.95555,532.23974 406.95555,524.59684 C 406.95555,516.95394 413.15849,510.751 420.80139,510.751 C 428.44429,510.751 434.64723,516.95394 434.64723,524.59684 z M 378.00043,522.99931 C 378.00043,527.70264 374.18324,531.51984 369.47991,531.51984 C 364.77658,531.51984 360.95939,527.70264 360.95939,522.99931 C 360.95939,518.29599 364.77658,514.47879 369.47991,514.47879 C 374.18324,514.47879 378.00043,518.29599 378.00043,522.99931 z ";

In other words, you have to recompile Gimp to change/get rid of it.
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