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Gimp 2.10.4 running in Ubuntu 18.4

When I change the name of a path the new name appears in a very dark colour that is almost illedgeible on my dark theme.  The original font colour is fine, just the rename.  Is there a way of changing this?  I can't see anything in the prefs or mentioned in the config file.

Hate those dark themes Wink

Looks like a bug in the theme. Reproducing the effect.

Five screenshots in one,

1. The original path
2. Renamed path, newname barely visible.
3. You can see it if you make the main Gimp window inactive. That might mean something to a themes guru.
4. You can get it back with some editing on the canvas.
5. Toggled the path visibility on and the text returned to barely visible. Needed more editing on the canvas to get it back.

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Perfectly possible to change the theme to make it more readable:

The definition in the Theme gtkrc file is here:

style "gimp-default-style" = "gimp-colours-default-style"
#  font_name = "Sans 11"

  fg[NORMAL] = @clr1
  fg[PRELIGHT] = @clr2
  fg[ACTIVE] = @clr2
  fg[SELECTED] = @clr1
  fg[INSENSITIVE] = @clr3

  bg[NORMAL] = @clr9
  bg[PRELIGHT] = @clr7
  bg[ACTIVE] = @clr4
  bg[SELECTED] = @clr5
  bg[INSENSITIVE] = @clr5

  base[NORMAL] = @clrA
  base[PRELIGHT] = @clr7
  base[ACTIVE] = @clr7
  base[SELECTED] = @clr1
  base[INSENSITIVE] = @clr8

  text[NORMAL] = @clr1
  text[PRELIGHT] = @clr1
  text[ACTIVE] = @clr1
  text[SELECTED] = @clr7
  text[INSENSITIVE] = @clr9

If you change the definition for text[SELECTED], you will get the new colour for ALL selected text

To illustrate, I set it to text[SELECTED] = "yellow" for the example above.

You will probably have to copy and re-name the supplied theme to your personal theme directory before editing.
Thanks Kevin.  Finally got there and works a dream.

Cheers Guys