Full Version: Dozens of viruses/threads detected by Comodo Antyvirus
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My comodo antyvirus after full scan told me that GIMP is full of viruses/threads, here is a screenshot example.
Why is he giving me such warnings. Did someone reported similar issues before?
Which version is this exactly and where did you download it from?
As far as I know, at the moment it is only the Windows Gimp 2.10.6 from that contains those debug files. Samj has a portable Gimp 2.10.6 but contains none of the files.

I ran a couple through virustotal online scanner, all good results, including comodo


I would say (as far as anything is certain with M$) your home virus scanner is showing false positives.

Edit: Apologies, I was looking at the wrong samj version and the 2.10.6 portable does flag up those debug files.


However, on balance, I still think these will be false positives. Not unknown for 'heuristic' scanning.
Yes, my gimp ver. is mentioned in my profile, it's 2.10.6 downloaded from official site and hash checked.
Those are most probably false positives, but the question the is why and is there any good practice what one should do in such cases?
No Gimp developers here. The other question is, Why those debug files? Not there in my Linux Gimp 2.10.6

What to do, long time since I regularly used Windows but seem to remember a 'sandbox' application