Full Version: What is the deal with ?
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This post/topic is an answer to questions posted elsewhere.

Warning: possibly some prejudice ahead.
  • (GF.c) used to be one of the leading Gimp forums, which, with all due modesty, I'll ascribe to Rich's and I continued efforts (as well as a few others').
  • However we weren't the owners, and the only person with full admin rights didn't really care about the day-to-day operations.
  • In September 2016 GF crashed and the owner/admin never showed up to repair it
  • So, after a month Rich, Kevin, and I joined efforts to create (G-F.n) to replace it
  • However, 6 months later, GF.c was restarted, likely to milk its popularity with search engines (a popular site name is worth money (several thousands dollars), using a backup from... 2014.
  • Given the low level of consideration we received from the GF.c owner ("benevolent idiots" could be an understatement), we decided not post again on GF.c , to stop moderate it, and to put banners all over the place pointing here. In addition I removed all the content I had authored over the years (around 25% of the total)(*).
  • Due to lack of maintenance/moderation (you can't efficiently fight spam without having full admin rights) GF.c has become a spammer's nest.
  • At the end of September 2018 (nearly two years after it creation), G-F.n passed GF.c in estimated traffic on
(*) a couple of TamperMonkey macros, 20 minutes to remove 7000+ posts IIRC. PM me if you are interested Smile
Sounds like GC's future if Wallace wasn't there.

If that was me and I wasn't fit to do admin operations, I'd give admin permission to dedicated mods.
Thanks for the explanations, it's good to know (just registered on GF.c only to find spam indeed…).