Full Version: American Gothic
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Everyone knows American Gothic, painted by Grant Wood.

[Image: qtjw.jpg]

Let's play with it, and GIMP, of course...

[Image: ct4k.jpg]

[Image: u6hv.jpg]

[Image: 4gzh.jpg]

[Image: eh91.jpg]

[Image: grxn.jpg]

[Image: wakn.jpg]

[Image: 7jv8.jpg]

[Image: ww63.jpg]

[Image: 422a.jpg]

[Image: h5r1.jpg]

[Image: jhm1.jpg]

[Image: 6zy8.jpg]

Enjoy... And flollow ! It's up to you, GIMPer's !
Here is a new American Gothic

Here is a new American Gothic:
American Gothic variations...
And others...

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